Gili Freedman, Ph.D.

I have had the opportunity to teach a range of classes from introductory and general education courses to intermediate courses and advanced seminars. In all of my classes, I focus on encouraging my students to discover psychology in their everyday lives.

The classes I have taught include:

Psychology in the Media: Syllabus

The overarching goal of this course is for students to learn to think like psychological scientists. We consider how accurately popular media sources portray current psychological knowledge. Movies, sitcoms, newspapers, magazines, and blogs often report findings from psychological science, but how often do they get it right, and how often do they get it wrong? Do they manipulate findings in order to make their points? This course explores psychological science by comparing and contrasting popular and scientific treatments of topics within biological, developmental, cognitive, social, and clinical psychology.

Social Psychology: Syllabus

How do other people influence the way we think, feel, and act? In this course, students will explore the field of social psychology and learn how to apply social psychological theories and concepts to everyday life. Topics will include how we perceive others, how others perceive us, group dynamics, attitudes, persuasion, social influence, and close relationships.

Personality Psychology: Syllabus

Through lecture, discussion, and activities, this course introduces students to the field of personality psychology. In this course, we address topics such as the following: What is personality? How do we measure personality differences in reliable and valid ways? What processes give rise to personality, and what processes does personality impact? How do we judge personality, and are we any good at it? What are personality disorders, and can personality be changed? We consider these questions by exploring different approaches to personality.